People not parties.

The mission of a U.S. Senator is simple: to represent the interests of his or her constituents.

But the divisive climate in Congress and polarizing political parties make this impossible. Independent candidates, beholden to no party politics, are free to make rational choices and vote according to the best interests of their constituents. To steer our country back onto the right path, we need candidates like these who will work collaboratively, think rationally, and truly represent the people.



Meet Paul

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Paul was the youngest of seven children in a hardworking Catholic family. His father was a WWII veteran and FBI agent. Paul’s parents instilled in him a strong sense of self-reliance, independence, and work ethic. Although Paul spent a majority of his childhood growing up in Battle Creek and Saugatuck, Michigan, his family moved to South Florida in Paul’s junior year of high school.


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