People not parties.

The mission of a U.S. Senator is simple: to represent the interests of his or her constituents.

But the divisive climate in Congress and polarizing political parties make this impossible. Independent candidates, beholden to no party politics, are free to make rational choices and vote according to the best interests of their constituents. To steer our country back onto the right path, we need candidates like these who will work collaboratively, think rationally, and truly represent the people.

Real Representation

Any candidate beholden to a party’s legislative agenda faces an inherent conflict of interest from the day he or she takes office: acquiesce to a set of rigid ideologies or suffer the consequences of defying the party.

Those brave enough to deviate from the party line risk losing critical funding resources and support. They have no real power when voting on the key issues that affect our country. We need a Senator who is truly free to represent the best interests of the people of Michigan.

A Rational Candidate

With Congress more polarized than ever before, we are at a turning point in our nation’s history. A fundamental split along party lines has caused politicians to become disunited and defined by their differences. The only way to restore Congress is to support an independent candidate. We need a Senator who will work collaboratively to address our nation’s most important issues, relying on rational, fact­-based reasoning and representing the interests of the people of Michigan.

Michigan First

Michigan has a unique opportunity to be the catalyst for restoring reason in government. Individual Michiganders are not answerable to autocratic, non­-elected political figureheads; we need elected officials who are likewise not beholden to the demands of party leaders. In this election, we will collectively assert our independence as Michigan voters, and spark a nationwide movement to reestablish fair and responsible representation in the U.S. Senate.

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